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Chief Alex Mascot Ikwechegh is the chairman of Gross Group. He is the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, overseeing general operations and strategy and through his wide network in the Nigerian market secures strategic partnerships and opportunities for the Organization.


A business management alumni of the University of Calabar, Nigeria, who along with a passion for philanthropy, is an astute businessman, leader, and a great manager of persons. Qualities which helped him competently hold the reins of Gross Group. Chief Alex Mascot Ikwechegh advocates values of community service, selflessness, transparency, inclusiveness and effectiveness, values he also advocated and promoted as the youngest Local Government Chairman (Mayor) in Nigerian history, a position he held at the age of 27 and wherein he performed astutely.


He is passionate about philanthropy and improving the lives and standards of indigent citizens in Nigeria, one of the major reasons he left the political sphere to focus on his family and business holdings in a bid to effect greater impact through building a strong foundation that will cater to the interests of the people close to his heart, funding and facilitating projects in education, community development and healthcare.


Chief Alex Ikwechegh is a strong believer in the notion that success is not about how much money you have, but how much you contribute to humanity, the lives you touch, the difference you make in your society and hopes to reignite a paradigm shift in African leaders to serve their people and take major steps towards change the narrative in the African continent. This is the underlying vision for Gross Group, a conglomerate which through innovative business practices improves the lives of individuals and businesses.


Director/HR Lead

Chidera Ikwechegh is an Executive Director in Gross Group. She manages the link between the various subsidiaries and also oversees the activities of Arcway Logistics, a logistics partner of Gross Group.


She is a serial entrepreneur, renowned for her business management acumen, an economist extraordinaire and a great organiser and leader. Her initiative and philanthropic zest has helped empower women all across Nigeria and provide educational materials to myriad students across the nation.


Board Member / Legal Adviser

Jerry Nnochiri Ikwechegh is the legal adviser and a board member of Gross Group. He is a Senior Partner in Auxilio Legal Services, general legal services delivery business located in Lagos Nigeria.


He also sits on the Board of various private companies, helping make business and operational decisions.

Why Choose Us?

Gross Group is committed to helping Our clients attain their objectives, from ensuring quality service delivery, to providing an innovative environment, and helping our customers and partners improve operations and profits.

This identity also means we value and promote seamless interaction with clients’ own teams, and ensure the best value is delivered.

Our storied history in business has enabled us to develop competence and expertise across various sector areas, as well as knowledge of specific protocol and local regulations. We understand that business practices are constantly changing, so we constantly evolve to adapt and improve the quality of our products and services.

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