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About Us

Gross Group is a holding company registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which provides services in key areas of the Nigerian and African market. Our services span the engineering, energy, construction sectors including procurement, trading, and sale and distribution of general goods.

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Our Vision

To expand and maintain a strong presence nationally and internationally by capitalizing on our competitive strengths, local experience, and familiarity with local working conditions and relationship with clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality services in our core service areas at fair and market competitive prices, to ensure the longevity of our brand and vision through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes. To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.

To evolve as a company of highly motivated top-class professionals, whose intelligence, creativity and co-operation, position the company among the best in the world both in service delivery and world-class personnel management


Gross Group is steeped in a rich history of corporate social responsibility and is built on a culture of customer satisfaction and community development across all subsidiaries. This culture of business responsibility has seen the group contribute to the development of the various communities where it has executed projects under the strong belief that its purpose is the improvement of humanity and a positive balance sheet is only a confirmation of the fulfilment of this purpose.


This has led to partnerships with various NGO’s by investing in communities to improve the living conditions, educational standards, and youth empowerment efforts in various communities across Nigeria. The Group also demonstrates this community by also encouraging employee volunteering efforts, maintaining high educational standards, promoting diversity and women empowerment in the workplace.

Focus Areas


Through partnerships with NGO’s, private institutions, professional groups, industry sectoral bodies and other relevant agencies.


In partnership with various NGO’s, Gross Group has sponsored projects across the Nation by renovating primary and secondary schools, provision of learning materials, placing hundreds of students under scholarship schemes and providing mentorship and support through mentorships with key agencies.


A major issue in the administration of healthcare in Nigeria is the inability of citizens to handle the exorbitant healthcare costs after treatment. Gross Group in its CSR efforts has provided healthcare support for indigent citizens who cannot afford to offset their hospital bills and has partnered with NGO’s to provide healthcare diagnosis machines and build clinics across the country.


A major area of interests and contribution for Gross Group is general philanthropy. Providing support for indigent and displaced persons, especially youths from motherless babies homes and orphanages with the support they need to grow and contribute positively to society.

Why Choose Us?

Gross Group is committed to helping Our clients attain their objectives, from ensuring quality service delivery, to providing an innovative environment, and helping our customers and partners improve operations and profits.

This identity also means we value and promote seamless interaction with clients’ own teams, and ensure the best value is delivered.

Our storied history in business has enabled us to develop competence and expertise across various sector areas, as well as knowledge of specific protocol and local regulations. We understand that business practices are constantly changing, so we constantly evolve to adapt and improve the quality of our products and services.

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